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Speeding cars....
Posted Jun 05, 2006 - 05:45 PM

House Thursday morning we woke up to a surprise. Our mailbox had once again been knocked down (This makes it about 4 times). This time however, it was beyond repair. It was hit so hard that pieces of plastic went flying, hit our gate, and knocked down the doorbell cover. So this weekends trip was to buy a new mailbox. The new mailbox is made of concrete, so if anybody hits this one it shouldn't suffer any damage. Paul is also putting down some concrete semicircles to hopefully slow down the cars coming around the corner and keep them of the grass.

Alexa is learning new things everyday. During tummy time she is holding up her head for longer periods of time and is trying very hard to turn herself over. She is smiling when mommy and daddy make silly faces or noises. Everynight Alexa looks forward to her bath and playing with water. On Wednasday Alexa turned 1 month old. How time flies!


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