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Hurricane Wilma
Posted Oct 28, 2005 - 07:33 PM

House Once again we had another hurricane come our way. The three of us are ok. Our house had a few tiles fall off the roof, trees were down, and we had some debris in the pool (not as bad as last time, the pool was only slightly green this time). Power though, was down a little longer than for Katrina. We were without power for a little over a day ( we are very lucky because some people aren't going to get power till Nov.22).

Today I tried to go grocery shopping since we had power back but things are crazy. The first Publix I went to had a line to get into the parking lot just to get a space so I had to leave. The second Publix I went to had no items that needed to be refridgerated ( milk, cheese, meat, butter). I ended up buying just some potatoes, ham croquetas, and a quiche. There isn't much of a selection available.

Work for me has been cancelled till at least Monday. Paul went back on Thursday. There are still quite a bit of traffic lights not working and the lines for gas are still long, eventhough they are slowly getting shorter.


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