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Posted Jul 27, 2005 - 07:45 PM

House Paul and I returned home on July 13. It's nice to be back home. Unfortunately, when we got back home Paul had to clean up the yard because we had palm frawns and debris from Hurricane Dennis. Eventhough, the storm missed Miami the winds must have been pretty strong because of the amount of trees down.

Last weekend we were busy. Friday night we had dinner at Les Halles with Melissa, Armando, Javi, Christina and Jose. Saturday night, we had Jorge's birthday party at Dave and Busters. When we arrived the electricity was out at Dave and Busters so we headed over to the Ale House. After having dinner and drinks, we heard that the electricity was back on at Dave and Busters so we walked over. Most of the games were up and running but there were a few that were still off or not functioning correctly.


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