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Go Tia Go!
Posted Feb 27, 2010 - 09:40 PM

Disney We once again visited Disney in January. This time it was for my birthday, Paul's last class in Orlando and Cristy was running a half marathon. We celebrated my birthday on Friday with dinner at the Italian pavillion in Epcot. The food was delicious. Despite the rain and freezing temperatures, Alexa insisted we watch the fireworks over the lagoon.

Saturday morning we were greeted by more rain and freezing temperatures. Cristy was raining that morning and saw snow, sleet and rain. We cheered her on at the Epcot finish line then went to Cape May Cafe at the Beach Club Resort for a character breakfast. Thankfully the weather cleared up and we had a great time at the Magic Kingdom.

Sunday was a beautiful day eventhough it was still very cold. We spent the morning at Hollywood Studios. We did the usual rides and shows: playhouse disney, the little mermaid, toy story mania and pictures with the characters. We had a great time.


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