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Posted Dec 13, 2009 - 02:00 PM

Airplane In November we tagged along on one of Paul's work trips to California. We of course visited Disneyland and had breakfast with Minnie and friends and had lunch with the Princess' at Ariel's grotto. This time we visited plenty of parks, Craig Park in Brea, William Mason Park in Irvine and Irvine Regional Park. Alexa and Paul Andrew love playing in the park. Irvine Regional Park was real nice because we got to ride a train, ride ponies, play in the park and visit the zoo. We also saw a one ring circus in downtown Brea the day we arrived. On our last day we visited Ana Maria in Huntington Beach and took the kids for a walk down by the beach. We took a red eye home and thank goodness the kids slept most of the way home.

Now in December we did our annual trip to Disneyworld for Very Mickey Christmas. Unfortunately this year s Very Mickey Christmas was very wet. We stayed in the Magic Kingdom a few hours, had dinner with Winnie and friends at Crystal Palace, rode a few rides, took pictures with some characters, had hot chocolate and cookies then called it a night around 9. Saturday, the weather was much better. Christina and my mom went to the outlets, Paul went to class and my dad the kids and I went to EPCOT. Alexa wanted to go so she could take her picture at the Character Spot. After lunch in England of fish chips and of course beer for the adults, we met up with everyone at Hollywood Studios. We rode Toy Story Mania, saw the playhouse disney show, Ariel show, and the Osborne Family lights. Sunday we had breakfast with the characters at Chef Mickeys. However, before breakfast we saw the Jonas Brothers in concert for the filming of the Christmas Day parade at Disneyworld. Look for us in the audience on December 25. We are waving yellow pieces of cloth.


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