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Back to School
Posted Sep 05, 2009 - 03:17 AM

House Summer is over, and its back to work for Gloria, back to school for Alexa, and first day of school for Paul Andrew. Gloria is back at her school from last year, with few changes to her schedule. Alexa is now doing mornings at Gateway, and then going to Coral Park Elementary for classes in the afternoon, a busy young girl.

Paul Andrew started Gateway this year, being the youngest, and cutest in his class. He was not apprehensive on his first day, he ran around the classroom a few times, until he got settled at his favorite new station, the magnetic letters painterís easel. There, he likes to play with the letters and numbers, placing them on the board, and then taking them down. On the third day of class that week, the kids figured out what school was about, and they were all crying when we arrived. Of course he cried until we distracted him with the letters. Heís learning quickly, and by Friday had tricked the teachers that he was sick, so he could20get out early!

Like last year, Paul has to drop off the kids at Gateway, because Gloria has to be at work before the school opens. This year, Paul takes both kids in the MDX, and then swaps cars at Gloriaís school, before finishing his commute to Beckman Coulter.


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