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Spring Break in Chicago
Posted Apr 27, 2009 - 02:48 AM

Airplane First of all the temperatures were not spring like at all in early April. It was more like winter. Thank goodness the kids didn't mind being all bundled up and Alexa loved wearing her gloves. Paul Andrew just kept on removing his gloves and using it as teether. Poor baby had 2 molars come in while we were away.

This was the first time either Paul or I had been to Chicago so it was a great adventure for us. We had heard from everyone that it was a great city and we definetly agree. Here is a brief recap of our wonderful and hectic trip.

We arrived on early on Tuesday, April 7, and checked into the Conrad Hilton. Lucky for us they had our room available. From the hotel, we took a taxi to the Shedd Aquarium. We could not believe our eyes when we saw the line for the Aquarium. About 200 people and the line was barely moving so we decided to go the Field museum instead. The kids loved the Field museum. Alexa wanted to take a picture with every taxidermied animal and Paul Andrew loved playing with the instruments downstairs in the children's museum area. We returned to the hotel to take a much needed rest and then had dinner at an excellent Italian restaurant.

Wednesday morning we got an early start and went back to the Shedd aquarium. Unfortuately for us the large animal area was closed for renovations. The kids loved looking at all the tanks and just running around a bit. We decided instead of taking a taxi back to the hotel we would walk back instead. We walked through Grant Park, stopping at the Buckingham Fountain ( the one that the show at the beginning of Married with Children), then made our way over to Millenium Park. At Millenium Park we visited the Bean and the Tower Fountain. After a very busy day we had a casual dinner at Weber Grill.

Thursday started with a nice stroll down Michigan Avenue to visit the Hancock Building. The views from the observation floor were beautiful. Alexa seems to have absolutely no fear of heights. She would stand right at the window and look straight down. From the Hancock building we walked over to Navy Pier. We walked around and then visited the Chicago Children's Museum. The kids loved being able to run around a bit. Paul Andrew loved going down the musical slide and Alexa loved playing in the water area. Dinner that evening was delicious. We finally had Chicago style pizza. After about a 40 min wait at Giordanos we were able to sit down and enjoy our pizza.

Friday we spent all day at the Museum and Science and Industry. Wow! What a museum. There was so much to do I don't even know where to begin. There was an agricultural area with tractors for the kids to get in, an outer space area, a circus area, a coal mine but we weren't able to go because the line was 90 min long. etc. The list just goes on. Paul even went inside a submarine. In the late afternoon we took a walk down Michigan to do a bit of shopping. Alexa got to pick out a doll at the American Doll store.

Saturday was our last day in Chicago and also the coldest. We spent the day at the Lincoln Park Zoo. Luck for us there were buildings we could go inside for warmth. We saw just about any animal you could name, lions, tigers, penguins polar bears, cows, giraffes, monkeys, and many more. Alexa had fun climbing in a huge maze while Paul Andrew took a nice nap. After the zoo, we had lunch and the Grand Lux Cafe on Michigan Avenue. We then went back to the hotel to pick up our luggage and go the airport. Whie waiting for our early evening flight the kids played in the kids area at the Admirals Club.


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