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A Very Mickey Christmas
Posted Feb 01, 2009 - 10:00 PM

Disney We had our second annual trip to Disney World for the Very Mickey Christmas Party on the first weekend of December. This year Martica had matching shirts made for all of us to wear that said Miami’s Mouseketeers. Our group this year was quite large, we were 21 in total with just 4 kids in the group, Matias, Angelina, Alexa and Paul Andrew.

Friday night, we went to the Very Mickey Christmas Party. We ate plenty of cookies and drank some delicious hot chocolate. The kids had a great time riding on It’s A Small World, Peter Pan, and dancing with Cinderella’s wicked stepmother and step sisters, Later in the evening, we all sat down and watched the parade. Alexa loved seeing all of her favorite characters, Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, Donald and Goofy. By that time, Paul Andrew was pretty tired and took a little nap. After the parade we decided to ride on Pirates of the Caribbean. What a mistake that was! Just before our boat was about to go down the waterfall it got stuck. We were sitting there in the first row with Paul Andrew and Alexa in the dark for about 15 minutes before a worker told us to start rocking back and forth to dislodge the boat. We finally got to the edge of the waterfall and began our plunge in to the ride. I think we were the last boat to go down the falls because no boats followed us for the rest of the ride. Once we got off the ride we were able to catch part of the fireworks show but had to leave shortly after because Paul had class early the next morning.

Saturday morning we visited Disney’s Hollywood Studios. We all wore our matching shirts that day. The kids saw the Little Mermaid, Playhouse Disney Live, Beauty and the Beast, and the Block Party Parade. Alexa loved playing with the giant Parachute before the parade started. For lunch we ate at the Hollywood and Vine. We had a chance to meet June, Leo, Jojo and Goliath. This time Alexa was no longer afraid of the characters and Paul Andrew had no fear either. We left the park in time to catch the 2nd half of the SEC championship game which of course the Gators won. Go Gators!

Sunday, Alexa and I returned to the Magic Kingdom alone, My parents and grandparents started the drive back to Miami early with Paul Andrew. Paul once again had to go to class. Alexa and I had a great time. We rode on Jungle Cruise, It’s A Small World, Winnie the Pooh and as per Alexa’s request the Spinning Teacups. We spent a large part of the day in Mickey’s Toon Town. We visited Minnie and Mickey’s house. Then at the end of Mickey’s House, we were able to meet both Mickey and Minnie and take pictures with them. In Toon Town, we were able to also take a picture with Sleeping Beauty, Belle, and Cinderella. The playground in Toon Town was also a big hit with Alexa. We left Magic Kingdom when Paul gave us a call he was done with his class and we began our drive home.


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