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Back to School!
Posted Sep 19, 2008 - 09:39 PM

Family Alexaís first day of school was delayed 2 days because of Tropical Storm Fay, so she started Gateway on Wednesday, August 20. I have had the pleasure of taking her to school every morning because Gloria has to be at work before me. For the first week, she cried every morning, but by the next week, she adjusted and now gives hugs and waves bye-bye.

As mentioned above, Gloria is back to work at Winston Park. I am sure she is thrilled to be back to work.

I have started the Masterís Engineering Management and MBA program at UF. The program is oriented towards working professionals, so they have some mercy on the school work. However, itís been awhile since I have had homework, and I never had to get up at 5:30 AM to do it!

Paul Andrew, not to be left out, has started Gymboree. At 7 months, heís growing, giggling, eating, and watching his sister. He just started crawling, and is wasting no time learning how to get up on two legs (looks like another toe walker). He recently popped out two front teeth, and I think he is starting on the next ones. Baby food has been fun, and I know by the look on his face, he wants what we are eating.


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