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Happy Birthday Alexa!
Posted Jun 21, 2007 - 05:58 PM

Birthday On May 1, Alexa turned 1 year old. We celebrated by having the family over to cut a cake and have some dinner. Tina and Gene watched us sing Happy Birthday via iChat. Alexa had her own little cake that Publix gives for free. She really enjoyed the frosting.

On May 6, she had a party at my parent's house. We invited the family and some friends over to jump on the bounce house, play in the ball pit, crawl through the tunnel, pop the bubbles and eat some yummy food and cake. Alexa loved running around the yard and popping the bubbles. The heat did not slow her down one bit.

Alexa started walking on her own at 11 and a half months. Now she is running and carrying heavy objects while walking. The computer is one of her favorite toys. She loves to play with the mouse, bang on the keyboard and watch cartoons on YouTube. Her favorite word to use is "mas" which means more in Spanish.


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