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House Summer is over, and its back to work for Gloria, back to school for Alexa, and first day of school for Paul Andrew. Gloria is back at her school from last year, with few changes to her schedule. Alexa is now doing mornings at Gateway, and then going to Coral Park Elementary for classes in the afternoon, a busy young girl.

Paul Andrew started Gateway this year, being the youngest, and cutest in his class. He was not apprehensive on his first day, he ran around the classroom a few times, until he got settled at his favorite new station, the magnetic letters painterís easel. There, he likes to play with the letters and numbers, placing them on the board, and then taking them down. On the third day of class that week, the kids figured out what school was about, and they were all crying when we arrived. Of course he cried until we distracted him with the letters. Heís learning quickly, and by Friday had tricked the teachers that he was sick, so he could20get out early!

Like last year, Paul has to drop off the kids at Gateway, because Gloria has to be at work before the school opens. This year, Paul takes both kids in the MDX, and then swaps cars at Gloriaís school, before finishing his commute to Beckman Coulter.
Published Sep 05, 2009 - 03:17 AM

House Paul was working outside all day Saturday. The morning started with Paul washing, waxing, and vacuuming both cars. He then mowed the grass and cleaned the pool. Alexa and I spent the day playing on her gym. Her new trick is that she rolls from her back onto her stomach. She is also making more new sounds and babbling more often. When we kiss her belly, neck, and legs she lets out a loud laugh. It is so cute.

Sunday, we once again took her into the pool. So far she seems to enjoy the water. We thought she would because she loves her baths so much.
Published Aug 14, 2006 - 02:17 PM

House Thursday morning we woke up to a surprise. Our mailbox had once again been knocked down (This makes it about 4 times). This time however, it was beyond repair. It was hit so hard that pieces of plastic went flying, hit our gate, and knocked down the doorbell cover. So this weekends trip was to buy a new mailbox. The new mailbox is made of concrete, so if anybody hits this one it shouldn't suffer any damage. Paul is also putting down some concrete semicircles to hopefully slow down the cars coming around the corner and keep them of the grass.

Alexa is learning new things everyday. During tummy time she is holding up her head for longer periods of time and is trying very hard to turn herself over. She is smiling when mommy and daddy make silly faces or noises. Everynight Alexa looks forward to her bath and playing with water. On Wednasday Alexa turned 1 month old. How time flies!
Published Jun 05, 2006 - 05:45 PM

House This weekend was the first time Paul and I went out together. My mom babysat for us on Sunday while we went to the movies. We saw Mission Impossible 3 at Sunset Place. Surprisingly, I enjoyed the movie. The only problem was I really missed Alexa. I had never left her for that long (4 hours).

Paul was busy this weekend getting us ready for hurricane season. He went out early Sunday morning to Home Depot and bought us a generator. The only thing we are missing now is a portable air conditioner unit. Hopefully this year no hurricanes will hit and we won't have to use the generator.
Published May 24, 2006 - 04:37 PM

House We have been very busy the past few weekends working on the house. Alexa's room is almost completed. It just needs some decorative touches. Paul put up the chandelier last week. It was a lot of work. Paul says that it is the last one he will ever hang up. The room looks great!

Last weekend we went to Susana's wedding at Grove Isle. We had never been there before. The place was beautiful and had spectacular views. We had a great time at the wedding. The food and music were great. Thank you Susana and Tim for inviting us.

Paul's shoulder is getting better. He is now able to do more work around the house. My stomach keeps getting larger. I am now at 29 weeks of pregnancy. She is still very active throughout most of the day but her peak times seem to be in the evening and early morning.
Published Feb 12, 2006 - 11:00 PM

House Once again we had another hurricane come our way. The three of us are ok. Our house had a few tiles fall off the roof, trees were down, and we had some debris in the pool (not as bad as last time, the pool was only slightly green this time). Power though, was down a little longer than for Katrina. We were without power for a little over a day ( we are very lucky because some people aren't going to get power till Nov.22).

Today I tried to go grocery shopping since we had power back but things are crazy. The first Publix I went to had a line to get into the parking lot just to get a space so I had to leave. The second Publix I went to had no items that needed to be refridgerated ( milk, cheese, meat, butter). I ended up buying just some potatoes, ham croquetas, and a quiche. There isn't much of a selection available.

Work for me has been cancelled till at least Monday. Paul went back on Thursday. There are still quite a bit of traffic lights not working and the lines for gas are still long, eventhough they are slowly getting shorter.
Published Oct 28, 2005 - 07:33 PM

House We had an unexpected visit from Hurricane Katrina last week. She left the yard a mess, knocked out power and phone, and transformed the pool into a disgusting swamp - literally overnight. Miami was not quite ready, and a lot of people still do not have power after several days. Gloria's family has taken refuge here, as we are the only ones with power. We have improvised where ever possible - we have a bait pump and a battery operated air pump to provide life support for their fish pond. Schools are still closed and traffic lights are a luxury. We hope things will return to "normal" soon.
Published Aug 29, 2005 - 02:43 AM

House Paul and I returned home on July 13. It's nice to be back home. Unfortunately, when we got back home Paul had to clean up the yard because we had palm frawns and debris from Hurricane Dennis. Eventhough, the storm missed Miami the winds must have been pretty strong because of the amount of trees down.

Last weekend we were busy. Friday night we had dinner at Les Halles with Melissa, Armando, Javi, Christina and Jose. Saturday night, we had Jorge's birthday party at Dave and Busters. When we arrived the electricity was out at Dave and Busters so we headed over to the Ale House. After having dinner and drinks, we heard that the electricity was back on at Dave and Busters so we walked over. Most of the games were up and running but there were a few that were still off or not functioning correctly.
Published Jul 27, 2005 - 07:45 PM

House Last weekend the pool was finally completed. The rebar that was rusting was dug up and removed. The pool was then resurfaced. It took almost a full 24 hours to refill the the pool with water. The pool looks absolutely fabulous now.

We also worked on some electrical work. We want to put a doorbell on the front gate and put the pool lights on a switch in the house. The job was a bit more complicated than we first thought. I ended up going to the hardware store 6 times in about 3 hours. The pool light was completed but the doorbell is still a work in progress.
Published Apr 08, 2005 - 09:41 PM

House We once again spent another weekend working on the house. Last weekends task was to build a gate. It took us one and half days but we did it (all from scratch I want to add). The gate wasn't a necessity but I wanted it built to block the pipes Paul is going to put up in order to fix our current gutter system. Gutters is probably going to be this weekends task. Home improvements never end.

Published Mar 03, 2005 - 09:09 PM

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